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Handheld fiber laser cleaning machine JR-1500Q
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Handheld fiber laser cleaning machine JR-1500Q
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Product Description

Handheld fiber laser cleaning machine JR-1500Q

Our laser cleaning machine adopts the most advanced laser cleaning technology in the world,The high energy efficiency and instant high temperature of the laser are used to produce an explosion-like effect on the surface of the product, and the impurities and materials that need to be removed from the surface are stripped and evaporated to obtain a satisfactory high-quality surface treatment effect.

Compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, small footprint, high flexibility, and easy operation, and is accepted by more and more customers.

Application industry

Fiber laser cleaning machine is widely used in mold industry, military equipment industry, precision machinery industry, shipbuilding and marine engineering industry, construction machinery and heavy industry, car manufacturer industry, electronic and semiconductor industry, nuclear power plant industry, building facades and cultural relics protection industry, etc.

Technical specifications

Laser sourceRaycus/ Max /JPT
Laser power1000w/1500w/2000w
laser wavelenth1070nm
Fiber cable10m
swing frequeny 150khz
operate motecontinuation/modulate
Focus lenth400mm
Adjustable format
Cooling chillerindustrial water chiller 
San speed0-7000mm/min
cleaning head weight1.16kg
Operation systermWSX /HW systerm
support language
laser headWSX /HW
Working voltage220v/50hz

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